Did pfsense have security-level value in each interfaces ?

  • As you know, most firewall have security-level at every interface ,Like outside  0, inside  100, DMZ  50 , it is used for  high security level zones to access low security level zones.

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  • No, pfSense does not have security zones or whatever you're talking about.  You can fully control the traffic between interfaces, so you have more flexibility than simply assigning zones.

  • Not sure is the good Docktor is serious, but this is Cisco PIX/ASA speak.  Lower numbers cannot initiate traffic to higher numbered zones. A fallback for those who are not good at crafting their rules, and I've seen plenty of ASAs with very poorly crafted rulesets…

  • No it doesn't, you may gently shoot yourself in the foot if you like to. Your decision. Or cabability.