Strange Routing Behaviour - Config Change

  • Hello,

    i hope you can help me with our issue, which i can't explain by myself.

    We have a running VPN CARP Multi WAN Setup.

    One OpenVPN P2P SSL/TLS Server (

    • Listen to lan interface and use pf rules on both wan CARP IPs
      Three Outposts  (OpenVPN Client Connects) (Local Subnets:, and

    Every time a make a configuration change (e.p. the last change was adjusting threshold values for packet loss), one outpost is not rechable anymore until i restart the whole openvpn server and let the outposts reconnect. Just disconnect the specific client doesn't help. If i try to ping the pfsense on the outpost site, traffic is routed to the internet and not through openvpn server.

    I attached a extract screenshot from our LAN rules. We use also a gw group for wan failover and specified a addtional rule with the outposts subnets as destination.
    Thank you

    Kind regards