[2.3.2-RELEASE-p]1 OpenVPN server doesn't restart nicely after reboot.

  • Hi, openVPn server on main site is generally working great. See img attachement for status.
    But when I reboot the box, It fails to start properly.

    In status I've got : "Is service working ?"
    In log : "Address already in use"

    If I manually kill the openvpnserver process via SSH then click Restart on webGui, All is working again.

    OpenvpnServer is on a CARP VIP interface behind NAT router (All ports forwarded to pfsense CARP VIP).

    Any clue ?

  • If your server is listening on WAN interface, try another one like LAN, also you can try a virtual address (IP Alias) and add a NAT rule (with pass) to forward OpenVPN packets to this IP.

  • Hello, yes the openvpn server is listening on Wan interface CARP VIP.
    If I understand, I shall forward UDP openvpn to another interface.
    As I have several Vlan interfaces is there matter which one to listen to ?

    Thank you

  • No, it should work on any interface IP, but just try it.
    Maybe you will have to restart pfSense, which doesn't matter since it is a CARP setup.