SSL Bump -> Delay in establishing secure connection

  • Hi guys

    i am busy testing HTTPS bump, but are encountering that some sites takes forever to finish loading (site seems to finish up the main content, but Chrome reports "Establishing secure connection" in the bottom left bar, and page loading icon stays spinning - 30 seconds on average to complete

    This only happens on some sites though. Google and facebook seems fine, but two or three other ones have this same issue.

    Did i maybe miss a configuration setting somewhere?

    Is the Certificate Adapt parameters maybe needed? (have tried with all three enabled, no change)

    Latest version pfsense and squid (2.3.2 for pfsense and 3.5.19 for squid (used squid -v from shell)

    i have installed the root certificate as trusted on the test machines (no certificate errors is generated, only the delay that is experienced)

    anybody have some ideas?


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    Try with 2.3.3 snapshots perhaps..

  • @doktornotor:

    Try with 2.3.3 snapshots perhaps..

    thank you for the recommendation. Unfortunately, i am still pulling my hair out on this.

    It seems like another issue is at work here, since i am experiencing delays, to a lesser degree, on a clear connect as well (no bumping). With no HTTPS, the browser shows "Waiting for proxy tunnel". This only seems to happen on my test pfsense (which is chained to my main PFSENSE/firewall).

    I will look at testing this in another way and report back if a solution is found