Getting Started with pfBlockerNG Road Map Help

  • Fist hats off to BBcan177 for such a comprehensive package.  Great work.

    I'm really looking forward to getting this up and running, but I'm having a hard time sorting out what information is current, and where to start.
    Several hours looking at the forum and many more hours of trail and error have given me a starting point, but I'm not confident that I've picked good lists etc.

    Can someone tell me:

    • There are 3 sticky posts… are the older ones only there for historical purposes and to support people who don't want to/or can't update?

    • Is there a curated/documented list of block lists?

    Any input/suggestions would be much appreciated.


    A thought....
    It seems to me that there are a lot of us all trying to accomplish a similar end of setting this package up effectively and  finding good quality lists, but there is so much obsolete material that needs to be culled/condensed/rolled up.

    I'm wondering if we could create a strategy of creating a main article, and then after a reasonable amount of follow up posts, or if a new version or pfBlockerNG comes out, or some other reasonable break point comes along that the thread be closed, and a copy of the first info post be reposted with updates so that the updated article becomes the new starting point.

    Ideally a wiki would be a much better vehicle for summarizing things, but intelligent duplication/editing of posts could maybe be a viable substitute that would save the community 100s of hours reinventing the wheel.  Any thoughts?

  • Agreed!  BBcan177 has done a superb job and has helped me personally on many occasions.  I'm not a fan of wikis (especially off site) but would love to see a comprehensive setup guide even if just a bunch of screenshots.

    I know it would be like herding cats…  but a community "standard" on which to base lists and headers would be great so when some finds a dead list or a new working list it would be easy to know where that site is on current system.  As the list population grows this may be more necessary...

  • Banned

    As for setting it up, in general just read through the info panes built into pfbng & dnsbl. That should get you going, then whatever specific questions you may have after setting up either search the forum or post a quetion.

    As for feeds, here are some good places to start. The php import that BBCan177 wrote is what I primarily use.

    I also just posted this which has some links to get you setup for really good content filtering.

    I am not at all a computer or networking person, but through this forum and the info panes in pfbng I've been able to get it up and running and it's great.

    IMO it's the single most useful package for a home or small office looking to filter their network.