Dpinger Gateway Monitoring NOT Starting - ver 2.3.2 - disabled fixes connection

  • Dpinger Gateway Monitoring Daemon Service Issues

    Over the past year I had issues with my comcast internet connection going down.  After much spent time, I realized that its dpinger was the problem.  My firewall has been up for 140days, and have had zero issues.  Wanting to keep my uptime going, I never rebooted it (in the past 4 years of using pfsense, few times did a reboot ever fix anything - its normally something I was doing wrong or a service needed a restart).

    I went to: System–> Routing --> Gateways  --- and disabled gateway monitoring

    My ipv4 and ipv6 lines are forced in an up state, and my comcast also is routing data.

    Disclaimer for newer people
    If you haven't already unplugged the power from the modem, and connected it directly to a laptop/desktop, and then booted the modem up connected to the laptop, try this first.  Just keep the modem unplugged for a few minutes while you bypass the firewall, and directly connect the line to the machine.  If you can't pull an IP address this way, first, then you have other issues unrelated to the firewall.