Curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

  • Hello, I have a network configuration with pfSense + ESXi, similar to the one posted here: and the exact same problem reported, that is, HTTPS works fine but HTTP connection always resets!
    I have verified all firewall and network configurations, and all seems good.

    In attachments there is a package capture for the WAN pfSense interface (removed my public IP) for the command "curl"
    You can see a TCP reset. Other servers (like google) respond in the same way.
    Other machines in the same network as the pfSense WAN interface work fine.

    The only justification I can use for this, is if there's something wrong with the TCP packages! Probably the PUSH package, since the SYNC has an ACK!

  • I think I can solve my one problem, but I need to translate also the source IP in my NAT. Is there any way to do this?

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    There's no info here to advise. Outbound NAT is taken care of automatically by default and there's no need to do anything usually. Produce some network diagram perhaps.

  • The problem is with the ESXi. I can put an ESXi management interface on the LAN and add a NAT, however I can't change the default gateway, it's a global configuration to all VMKernels. And so the packages are unable to get out!