URL Alias Tables RAM Disk Backup (proposal & feedback)

  • Toying with the idea of tweaking the URL alias tables RAM disk backup to run as a cron job rather than as part of the URL alias tables download code (/etc/inc/pfsense-utils.inc).

    This would complete the stripping of the last bit of RAM disk code out of "pfSense" (/etc/inc/pfsense-utils.inc).  Totally managing it all at the new more central system level.  So "pfSense" itself would be RAM disk unaware.  Other than config settings knobs of course.  Far as it is concerned it is just a disk.

    Since the URL alias tables are typically fairly static and downloaded on a schedule, the backup script (/etc/rc.backup_aliastables.sh) only creates a new backup if it is older than the current table.  Or if there is no existing backup.  So a cron job schedule could be as frequent as desired without causing undue write cycles.

    Requesting feedback.

    Would this be desirable change?

    Should the cron job schedule be user configurable along with the others?  Or should it be a statically configure schedule?  If so what would be the preferred backup interval?