How to log all access to a certain web address or ip?

  • Hi All PFSense Experts

    I am recently having trouble of my ISP suspending my account because they logged that my IP (shared ISP IP Address) is trying to access my domain cpanel and made many errors.

    Because of this, I want to be able to log all possible access coming out of my office to our cpanel ip or domain name. How do I do this with CPanel?

    I want to catch who has been trying to break my cpanel. Is it virus or human, from which computer and so on.

    Please help

    Thank you

  • I would create an allow rule to pass traffic to your web host with logging enabled.  I am assuming you have only a WAN/LAN.  If you have other interfaces, you would either have to put a rule on each interface or use a floating rule with "quick match" selected.

    Go to Firewall / Rules / LAN

    • Click button to add a rule to the top of the list.

    Under Firewall / Rules / Edit
    -Action: Allow
    -Interface: LAN
    -Destination: Single Host or Alias (Insert address of your host)
    -Check: Log: Log packets that are handled by this rule
    (Select any protocol / port restrictions if appropriate)

    Hope that gives you a start.

  • Thank you sooooo much @guardian. You are a guardian angel :)  :D

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    Thank you sooooo much @guardian. You are a guardian angel :)  :D

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