Issue using Squid & LightSquid

  • Hi,

    I am trying to monitor the traffic on a pfsense server with subnet.

    So I installed packages Squid & LightSquid but i am unable to use it (see attachment #1).

    I enabled the proxy, users on interface, transparent HTTP proxy & Access Logging (see attachment #2).

    The file access.log is empty (see attachment #3).

    Do you know why ? Could you help me ?

  • In squid's settings for Proxy Interface(s), you should have Loopback selected as well as LAN.  Second, you're running squid in transparent mode which requires the installation of a certificate on every client that will use the proxy or HTTPS sites will generate errors.  Have you done this?  In general,l I always recommend to not use transparent mode and use WPAD instead to let your clients discover the proxy on their own.

  • Thank you for your answer.

    As you can see on screenshots, the selected interface is LAN and we are not using proxy on HTTPS for now.
    I will try it when HTTP will work first.

    I don't known what is WPAD and how it works, I am not an expert of pfSense, I am just trying to configure it well :)
    So, I'm able to hear all your suggestions.

  • Select Loopback as one of the squid interfaces along with LAN.  Manually configure a desktop client to use the proxy, then try to go some website. Does it work?  Do you see any action in squid's access.log?

  • I added loopback to the proxy interface, access.log is still empty.
    Should I configure a client to use it ? This is a transparent proxy, this should be automatic, isn't it ?
    I tried to configure it manually into Internet Explorer options but all page loading failed.

    It appears that Squid daemon is unable to start.

  • If it's transparent then yes it should just pick up all port 80 traffic.  It should just work.  You could shell in and take a look at /var/squid/logs/cache.log and see if there are any errors.  I would also recommend removing the squid package and then reinstalling it.  That some times works for these weird glitches.