Captive portal over vlan

  • Hi everyone, I have currently configured 2 interfaces LAN and STUDENT with have also created two captive portal instances, one for each interface.Now the plan is we have ordered a cisco SF300 24 port managed switch.We are now planing to use vlan for each interface.From the physical interfaces vlan will be untagged and backbone to different departments will go from there.While 3 ports will have tagged traffic passthrough to the Accesspoint.The Vlan will be untagged at the Unify AccessPoint with 2 SSID.One for department and one for students.
    Will this be possible?
    VLAN 100 on LAN interface.
    VLAN 110 on Students interface.
    What I want the outcome to be that each unify AP will have 2 SSID staff and student.When stafffs connect to staff ssid they will be redirected to LAN captive portal and for student SSID all traffic will go to the Student Captive portal/interface.

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