PfSense as repeater of wifi-router

  • I have a Wifi-Router currently active and connected to the internet. I'd like the pfSense-Router to be between my PC, and other devices (connected via LAN) and the Wifi-Router and act as a firewall. I'm pretty new to networking, and therefore unexperinced. Google didn't help me either.

    Would this setup be possible?

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    Normally you would not run wifi on your wifi router in front of pfsense..  If you do not have a modem and can not put that isp device into bridge mode, sure you can do a double nat.

    What hardware are you installing pfsense on?  I doubt it has a built in switch, so no you would not have multiple devices connected to ports on your firewall all on the same network.  You would use a switch for that.  Smart switch would be your best option if you want to start segmenting your network.. You would then use a real AP for wifi..  Proper number and placed for coverage.

    But sure with the right switch you can run a private vlan so that none of your devices on the same network "lan" can talk to each other.  But normally the devices you want to control traffic between are put on their own network segment/vlan

  • @johnpoz

    I have an expensive router/firewall standing here (not a server or PC), it has 3 network cards with each a LAN port (= 3 LAN ports) (which is enough for me, and I'd also have a Switch to expand), 3 USB-ports, 2 Wifi-Antennas. It has been used as a UTM at a company in the past.

    Would you please guide me how I'd configure my setup? (Easy instructions would be preffered :P).

  • Is that the one in front of your pfSense or where you want to run pfSense on?
    Some Watchguard boxes are known to get re-purposed often…

  • @jahonix

    I do not understand your question, may you simplify it? The flowchart should explain everything.

  • @CubeDev:

    I have an expensive router/firewall standing here …

    that one.

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    " it has 3 network cards with each a LAN port (= 3 LAN ports)"

    Those are not SWITCH ports!!!  So you want your 3 devices on different networks and be able to firewall between them, and just let them use the internet?

    Doesn't matter if the box cost million dollars - their not switch ports!  Do you want your 3 devices on the same layer 2?  And pfsense and wifi lets call "problematic" at best.. There is a reason they stop selling wifi cards for their appliances and suggest true AP..

  • @johnpoz Okay. Anyways, here is the product I've got:

    But that shouldn't matter. would you please guide me on how to setup Wifi-forwarding with pfSense? Thank you.

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    Wifi repeating?  What wifi cards are in that thing?  Is it on the freebsd HCL?  Looks like to me it just has 2 ant connections and some shitty 2x2 N card.. Says for its wif 300mpbs

    Again going to say this so its clear - pfsense and wifi, not going to be a good solution!  If that is the hardware you want t use - then use the software they sell for it, and license the wifi if that is what you want to use.

    If your going to run pfsense on it, I wouldn't use it for wifi in any shape or form.  If you need wifi to get to your isp from this device - then use an external wifi bridge to get the connection to one of its interfaces..  Then connect a switch and use that to connect your other devices… That leaves you another interface to use for another network or vlans, etc. etc..

  • @johnpoz I have no interest in buying new hardware (wifi-repeater), so if there is no other possiblity, then I'll quit. Thanks for your information tho.

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    ok then.. Quit then.. Just giving you my honest opinion.. pfsense and wifi, lets put it nicely - its problematic to setup, and very limited in its features and supported hardware.. And to be honest wouldn't call it rock solid even if you get it working.

    Might be ok as a client connection to say an out of band admin connection to pfsense.  But sure sure wouldn't use it a WAN connection for multiple devices.. Nor would I use it for clients..