Default login check?

  • Can someone check this unexpected issue, to see if it's me or a bug?
    Default install of 2.4 snapshot (AMD64 20170121-2142 ISO), exit to shell as offered after install but before first reboot.
    Does not accept default login "admin/pfsense".

    It does accept it as usual via GUI and via console (if "password protect console option is set) once 1st reboot and initial wizard completed
    Can someone see if this is just me or if it's replicable?

    (I also tried root/pfsense, but I didn't think to try admin/<blank>. Perhaps there's no PW or a default FreeBSD pw at that point, not the usual default pfsense pw? But if so there's no hint of it given to the user and the only PW info is that the default PW is pfsense, which at that point didn't work for me.)</blank>

  • Also noticed this several times while reinstalling my KVM, maybe you should open a ticket.

  • Done, see ticket 7150

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Exiting to the shell before you reboot, you are not running in the pfSense environment, but the installer environment.

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