Captive portal + proxy

  • Hi !

    I have pfsense for gateway and captive portal.
    I have a proxyserver (squid + dansguardian) / mail server on dmz.
    What i need is after the login on captive portal I can use the proxy (transparent mode, without Internet
    explorer configuration).

    I try to install squid on the pfsense box, with upstream proxy the proxy on dmz…. not working

    Can I do it by another way (force the http traffic to the proxy on dmz after the loggin)?

    Best regards,

  • At this times the two proxy are working. The proxy on pfsense sent all request to the
    squid/dansguardian proxy on dmz…. Only if i put the squid icp port...
    But my trouble now, sometimes I am filtered by dansguardian, sometimes no...
    I have dansguardian log, and squid too... I think sometimes the request go to dansguardian via tcp port,
    sometimes directly to squid by icp.

    Someone can help me?

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