Is ther a way to copy firewall rules from one interface to another

  • I just split my LAN into a couple of VLANs, so I've got a whole bunch of firewall rules that need to be changed because the LAN interface isn't really used anymore.

    Is there a quick way to extract the rules, so I can use a text editor to change the interface name.
    Then how can I  reimport the modified rules?

    Would be very nice not to have to go one by one with the GUI.

  • Easy enough-

    Copy the rule using the "Copy" icon under "Actions" on the right side of the rule.

    Edit the new copied rule and change the "interface" to your new VLAN.


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  • What chpalmer wrote is absolutely correct.
    Alternatively you could export your config.xml, edit it with a text editor and reimport it.

    Both are valid approaches.

  • If you have a lot of rules then the import/export method would be best.

  • Thanks all….

    A couple of follow up questions...

    When you say export to xml, I am assuming that you mean with the GUI Backup function? 
    Or is there another better way from the shell?

    Can someone tell me if it is OK to hack a backup file like this:

      <nat>RULE DATA</nat>
      <filter>RULE DATA</filter></pfsense>

    just keeping the sections that I want?

    That way if I have a starting set of rules that I want, I could just do a restore.

    If it's OK to hack the backup.  When I restore it, is it OK to restore all, or can do I have to restore NAT and FIREWALL RULES as two separate operations?

    Do I have to do a full reboot after loading the rules, or is a the restore enough?

    Or can I just run a command from the shell to reload the rules? 
    I saw this command (Source:


    Can    /etc/rc.reload_all  be used in place of a reboot?