PFSense 2.3.X - OpenVPN Site to Site VPN Setup Question

  • Hey All -

    Moving away from a standalone Ubuntu box to PFSense.  On the Ubuntu I have a site to site VPN (using certificates not username/passwords) and am running into an issue getting this to work under PFSense.

    I did not use the wizard on PFSense to set this up, instead I went to:

    VPN -> OpenVPN -> Servers (Add) -> Server Mode = Peer to Peer (SSL/TLS)

    I also create a firewall rule to permit port 1194 UDP to pass traffic

    I can now connect to the server remotely and obtain an IP but am unable to browse anywhere and unable to ping the server.  In my case, the PFSense box is acting as both the gateway and OpenVPN server.

    I'm assuming something is missing somewhere but unsure where.  I noticed there's an OpenVPN area under Firewall -> Rules but do not see that OpenVPN interface present when I go to Interfaces on the main menu.

    Any ideas whats occurring or where a misconfiguration may exist?


  • @mark1210:

    unable to ping the server.

    The OpenVPN server? From where?

    Have you added proper firewall rules to the OpenVPN rule tab?