Use pfsense together with VPNAREA netflix server

  • Before I'm going out to invest in a SG unit I would like too hear if anybody has tried to have VPNAREA server for US netflix working in pfsense?

    There is some guides in old pfsense GUI, but I haven't been able to get it to work

    There is several guides for this with DD-WRT routers but I'm getting familiar with pfsense so this will be my router in future.

  • The guide you linked actually helped me setup my OpenVPN with a different provider that operates in a very similar way (they use a login authentication). I also had (ironically) recently contacted them to see if they could get a guide started or help me with the setup but their reply was rather disappointing…specially given how much the service is (it's above average). The only thing I did different from the guide, which was already added to its comments section, is the tun 1500 command.

    pfsense is a very complex software (after all it's an entire OS "acting" as your router), but it's also able to provide diagnostics very well. Posting logs/shell outputs/error messages with details is always a good start when troubleshooting *nix stuff (unix/linux/etc); pfsense is based on OpenBSD.

    For example: my problem was not having done any of the second half of the guide you linked. I had no clue that the VPN was going to be a gateway and thought pfsense would automatically tunnel traffic after setting up the VPN; I had a successful connection but kept disconnecting.

    In one of the images I circled the button that will show you an output for your VPN. Start by either identifying the problem, or posting it here so that people can further assist you if possible. Really sucks that you pay for VPN and their customer support doesn't give a flap about something that could easily be solved by asking their IT/Network department.

    edit: The second image attached shows my VPN's activity…or in other words, that it works.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I did actually got some assistance from Support from VPNArea but when it got a little complicated they backed out.

    My main issue is that I can't seem to get a hole through with VPN, but I think I got some other people that can assist. I'll keep you updated.

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