Long term opportunity

  • The company I work for (based out of Michigan) is interested in contracting with one or multiple individuals or companies to work on some new features/upgrades to this project.  These features include:

    • Incorporating content filtering (possibly a product similar to Dans Guardian)
    • IPS engine (Snort?)
    • SPAM filtering
    • a custom RADIUS component
    • Antivirus scanning (ClamAV?)
    • Device management portal
    • …and more....

    We're looking for someone who is willing to accomplish the above professionally, timely, and satisfactorily.  The arrangement will likely be long term.  If someone is interested in this opportunity we are open to an engagement that is contractual or if someone wants to pursue this as a carreer/relocation opportunity we are open to that as well.

    Please let me know if you are interested.


  • For a fun project I'm currently working on a pfSense package for FreeSWITCH. http://www.freeswitch.org.

    Here is the list of my posts on the pfSense forum they should give you an idea of my experience with pfSense.

    In PHP I've built a content management system based on RSS, user management system, trouble ticket system, forum, text editor, syslog server, genealogy software, integration with several credit card gateways, billing system integrated with radius, custom modifications to my pfSense box, and more. I have experience as a server administrator with FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows. I've configured and maintained several web servers, files servers, phone systems, DNS, Radius and email servers.

    I will send a private message with my contact information.

  • If mcrane isn't the right fit for this for some reason or doesn't want to take it on, let us know and we'll promote this on our blog, the FreeBSD jobs list, and maybe elsewhere and see if we can find someone that is willing to take this on.

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