2.4 SG-1000 pf Updates break things.

  • Was working great yesterday decided to do the feb2 update.

    That went fine, so then I installed squid (no transparent proxy setup yet) and clam av.

    It has been about an hour and when I try to login to pfsense through web it gives me a 502 badgateway.

    No new DHCP leases are being made either, but current leases are working and those computers have complete connectivity.

    I'm in the middle of a workday so I haven't had a chance to reboot or plug in to the console.

    When I do have time, is there anything I can do from the console to rejigger my SG-1000?

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    I would NOT recommend to run ClamAV on this HW due to limited RAM. Other than that, 16 + 11 from the console. (Don't really think it's Squid-related at all.)

  • Yeah, it has been working great.  I am very happy with it.

    I watched some of the hangout and I realize that they said repeatedly that clamav was a bad idea.

    I assumed since it was there maybe there was something made for it to work well.  LOL  I bet I ran it smack outta ram lol.

  • command 11 went through no problem and 16 said no service found or something similar to that.

    Oddly enough when I d/c from my vpn, it clears all the settings and reconnects to wifi and then this machine lost connectivity too.

    I restored from a backup and it corrected connectivity issues immediately.

    Still can't get int to the pfsense config though.

    Ill try rebooting.

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    Yeah if PHP-FPM is not working you'd better reboot, won't have any GUI without that. (And it's better to do things in the order I've suggested, i.e. 16 and 11 after that.)

  • I think I know what happend now.  Somehow my browser did something to cause me to misclick away from the update - it didn't really complete the update and it's doing it now.

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    Hmmm well… Try the console update  perhaps? #13 should be the lucky one.  ;D

  • Yeah - this was a nightmare - but also my first experience using the USB console to get me outta trouble and I have to admit it is pretty slick.  That wasn't much of an issue at all.

    Everything is back to normal now though.

  • These days the upgrade from GUI runs the upgrade totally in the background. The GUI just keeps monitoring the upgrade log file and showing what is in it. So if you do click away, the upgrade should keep running in the background and the box will reboot after some time.

  • Exact same behavior with today's update.

    No GUI only some DHCP.

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    Today's update of what? There's been no today's update of Squid, plus this whole thread has nothing to do with Squid really. (Fix the subject.)

  • Done and done.

  • Has anyone had any luck running squid without it causing massive load and extremely slow responses?
    From my experience with squid on the SG-1000 I'd say it's not usable - unless you are on dial up.
    I'm toying with the idea of using a Pi3 for squid etc. and just keeping the SG-1000 as the firewall (which it's doing really well)

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