Is pfsense the problem? connection issues xencenter<–>xenserver

  • So I have pfsense 2.3.2 - RELEASE virtualizaed in xenserver. Xenserver is running 7.0 and so is Xencenter.

    Cable Modem -> WAN Port on Server running xenserver with pfsense VM -> LAN Port Out to -> WRT54GS wireless with DD-WRT in DHCP Forward Mode

    The issues I'm having are a few…

    First, Xencenter doesn't stay constantly connected to the Xen Management. I have it set static at,, gateway: (pfsense), hostname: localhost.

    Now, the xenserver also can't ping out, or sync with NTP as well (could also cause the xencenter connectivity issues, not sure).

    I'm not certain but I think I may have an asymmetric routing issue but I have no idea how to troubleshoot that. Through my research I'm thinking my VLAN's in xencenter may be setup wrong or I need to create VLAN's in pfsense because I've noticed the firewall keeps blocking my laptop packets -> which is when I'm connected to xenserver through xencenter. I've also noticed some strange things related to this in the States log.

    I've also tried my best to disable tx offloading on xenserver and have it disabled in pfsense as well. My NICS are also on the HCL list for xenserver so I don't think there are any compatibility issues or driver issues.

    Sorry, I know I'm all over the place but if more information is required I will gladly obtain and provide it here. Let me know if I need to screenshot or provide further details on anything that wasn't clear. I'm just not sure what is needed.

    I've done a packet capture using wireshark between the two IP's located here: I'm not very good with wireshark but I thought it might be of importance.

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