LightSquid, Captive Portal Codes as User

  • Hello,

    is it possible to get the Voucher Codes see as username an not the IP Adresse in Lightsquid?

    on my old pfsense 2.0.3 i uses an script, this script read th captiveportal.db

    it looks like this the captivepotal.db


    on the new 2.3.2 it looks like this:

    ‹V'uindexstarttimecaptiveportalCREATE INDEX starttime ON captiveportal (allow_time)@'WindexipcaptiveportalCREATE INDEX ip ON captiveportal (ip)J'gindexusercaptiveportalCREATE INDEX user ON captiveportal (username)i!'indexidx_activecaptiveportalCREATEUNIQUE INDEX idx_active ON captiveportal (sessionid, username)‚!''„tablecaptiveportalcaptiveportalCREATE TABLE captiveportal (allow_time INTEGER, pipeno INTEGER, ip TEXT, mac TEXT, username TEXT, sessionid TEXT, bpassword TEXT, session_timeout INTEGER,”‡ã'ð10.102.0.11e4:7f:b2:18:80:79XBYveiALbsj3ba02343a3efb75b3…°voucherl INTEGER, radiusctx TEXT)
    ßß -%   ba02343a3efb75b3XBYveiALbsj3
    ðð%     XBYveiALbsj3

    it seems that it is an sql database now :(

    how can i get the voucher codes see in my lightSquid and not the IP Adress

    ?? an ideas?

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