NAT rule creation problem when chosing a different language

  • Is it just my test system, or is it impossible to see the options for Translation -> "Other Subnet (enter below)" when trying to create a NAT rule using a different language?

  • It is a real bug. The JavaScript in there compares the selection to the English strings like "Host" and "Other", so it breaks when the strings have been translated in the drop-down list.

    Raise a bug in Redmine. It needs a little bit of thought about how is the best way for the JavaScript to work out what to do on-the-fly.

  • PR fixes it. You are welcome to test that. But it will need review because there might be a better way to implement the fix.

    We need to find other places in the code where JavaScript compares some (potentially translated) text to some fixed English text string. Because all those will break when the text has been translated.

  • Thanks, Phil! Works fine here.

    How's en-PI progressing? :)

  • PR has been merged. So this will be fixed with a gitsync or the next snapshot.

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