Internet access only when OpenVPN stopped

  • Hi all,

    So I've managed to get my pfSense up and running by attempting to follow various instructions and now I've gotten into a bit of a situation which I'm sure of one of you will hit me with the stupid stick and point out the obvious…..the obvious doesn't seem to be very obvious to me!

    I've setup my certificates, gateway, firewall etc, I can see my OpenVPN status as 'up' but I cannot for the life of me get connectivity to the internet! As soon as I stop the VPN service I'm back out onto the internet, please someone help me, it's driving me bonkers! I thought I was technical but clearly have to have a rethink about my technical abilities!

    Thank you in advance.

  • you provide too little info to go on.

    provide sanitized screenshots of your vpn/gateway configuration & post snippets of the openvpn logs

  • Some more playing around and I seem to have sorted it, dnsleak test performed and successful, snort installed and working as far as I can tell….just need to work out my poor speeds....

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