Pfblocker ipv4 list usage in firewall rules problem - is not a valid source IP a

  • Hello!
    I've got pfSense 2.3.2_1 and pfBlockerNG 2.1.1_6 om my routing PC.
    I have read in internet that i could create my own ipv4 list in pfBlockerNg and use it as alias int firewall rules.
    I have enabled pfBlockerNg and created list in IPv4 tab. It's name AllowList. I tried to use it in firewall rule (i set up Single host or alias option and writed alias name pfb_AllowList) when i pressed save I got this error: pfb_AllowList is not a valid destination IP address or alias.

    What have i done wrong? How can I create firewall rule with that alias.

    P.S. I am new in pfSense so I'm sorry if I made silly mistake

  • Do you see pfB_AllowList under Firewall / Aliases / URLs? If not, then did your run Force Update under Firewall / pfBlockerNG / Update?

    Maybe you type pfb_AllowList instead of pfB_AllowList

  • Thank you for answer and advice about update. Now firewall rules found pfB_AllowRules.

    In settings of AllowList (on edit screen) i've found note:
    When manually creating 'Alias' type firewall rules; Do not add (pfB_) to the start of the rule description, use (pfb_) (Lowercase prefix). Manually created 'Alias' rules with 'pfB_' in the description will be auto-removed by package when 'Auto' rules are defined.

    In firewall rules i tried to use pfb_AllowRules but it suddenly doesn't found it.

  • This apply to the FW Rules Description under Firewall / Rules / Edit / Extra Options , not to the Source / Destination Alias name.

  • Thank you for help. As I writed in first message I'm new in pfSense.  :)

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