Using pfSense to pûblic IP a 3G network

  • Hi,

    I have a site underconstruction where the only way I have to get internet is a 3G connection, so far not issue… But I need to access this network from internet... So far I do have a pfSense on the remote LAN connected to another VM pfsense (which has a leg on a Public IP) via a Open VPN

    something like : internet <-> pfSense VM W/pubic IP <-openVPN-> psFense router over 4G

    I am not sure if there is an way to do some NAT from the public IP to the remote site, like to be able to SSH via 151.15.x.x...



  • Cellular ISP does carrier grade NAT within their network.  Cell connections are generally not on connectable public IPs.

    You shouldn't need any NAT on your side to get a site to site connection working

    More like

    a) pfsense VM as OpenVPN server peer-to-peer on a regular fixed connection (fibre/cable/dsl)
        Can be with public IP (bridge mode), or port 1194 udp forwarded from ISP side router

    b) pfSense router behind 4G connection, as Open VPN client, peer-to-peer.

    b) connects a), and maintains the connection, over 4G , 3G, whatever.

    You can access all of b)'s network from a), or even do a NAT port forward on pfsense a) to any b) address.

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