Dynamic IPs in IPv4 Local network(s)?

  • I have OpenVPN setup to route traffic from VPN clients to a handful of networks and IP address listed in the IPv4 Local network(s) field.  All is working fine.  Some of those IPs though are dynamic IPs (AWS ELBs and similar, things I can't make static).  Is there a way to list hostnames for IPv4 Local network(s)?  Or a way to script the setup of this field with a cron job on the pfSense box?

    Any ideas welcome!

  • You can get it out from the ARP table.
    On command line you may run

    arp -a -i <interface></interface>

  • Thanks for the response.  I'm not looking to get the list of IPs… I'm looking to set it, and update the settings on a schedule based on DNS lookups.

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