"Bypass Proxy for These Source IPs" Bug

  • Hello there,

    I'm running PFSense 2.3.2 and running into this annoying bug.

    Doing transparent proxy + URL filtering with squid 0.4.35_3 and squidGuard 1.14_4, and there are a bunch of addresses that need to be bypassed. Every once in a while, squidGuard simply stops filtering.

    Clearing out the "Bypass Proxy for These Source IPs" field and saving
    imediatelly solves the problem. The matter is that a lot of important sites doesn't work without that bypassing.

    I reinstalled PFSense from scratch and the problem persists so I'm pretty sure it's a bug. Anyone having the same problem? Any known workarounds?

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    The workaround is to uninstall the buggy SquidGuard package.

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    (And, FWIW, about 99% sure this has completely nothing to do with "Bypass Proxy for These Source IPs" or any other Squid configuration. If you cleared whatever other fields, or simple re-saved the Squid config without doing any changes whatsoever, it'd have the same effect (restarting services, reloading firewall, working again until it breaks for god knows what reason…)