DNSBL and Limiter

  • DNSBL doesn't work when limiter is applied.

    There are two LAN networks - Internal and guest on which Traffic Limiters are applied. Limiter is applied to all IPs in both networks using 4 floating rules except for 6 IPs (have used negate option in source/destination). Limiter is working fine as expected.

    Now the problem is DNSBL works only for those IPs that are excluded in this rule. If I disable this rule DNSBL works for all IPs. I though this could be a rule order issue and I changed the rule order in pfblocker and also swapped DNSBL rules from floating to interface & vice versa. But it isn't helping.

    How can I have both working?

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    You cannot unless you use 2.4. Limiters are broken with NAT.

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