Problems with CARP and Captive Portal

  • Hello,

    i have some problem.

    i installed CARP it works very well.

    but the only issue is that when i open the Browser it will not automatic redirect to my Captive Portal Page.

    when i type the Portal Page in my Browser it will show me the Page, an i can enter an Voucher Code and Internet access Works as well.

    so why it will not automatik redirect to my Portal Page?

    LAN : /24
    Captive Portal is HTTPS (8003):

    ping to hotspot.test.local works very well also DNS works.

    i installed a Port Forward Rule (for each pfsense

    interface Protocol  Source      SourePort   Des.Adress        Dest.Port      NAT IP                NAT Port
     LAN           TCP      LANnet       8003        8003        8003

    Outbound Rule like here descriped at


    WAN any * * * NATWAN Interface *
    LAN any * * * *

    any Ideas?

    oh my firewall rule is at the moment

    allow any any any.. on LAN Side

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