Transparent Bridge and Squid on another box

  • I have the following setup:

    | - WAN
                        Monowall Router
                                    | - LAN :

    (switch)    |- Squid Box (

    | - WAN :
                            Pfsense Box
                                    | - LAN :

    (switch)  | - LAN network ( -

    What i want to achieve is to setup the Pfsense box as a transparent bridge and redirect all TCP 80 traffic from all the computers in the LAN to the Squid Box ( I allready configured the transparent bridge and it works fine but when i try to add the Port Forward NAT rule i can't access the web anymore and no traffic arrive to the Squid Box ( i run a tail -f on the squid box on the access.log file) Can somebody tell me how do i need to setup the pfsense box to pass the TCP 80 traffic to the squid box??


  • put squid on pfsense in transparent mode and set up squid box as upstream proxy.

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