Testing feedback issues

  • I'm going through some of the easier feedback tickets in redmine and got to "Mark Required Fields on GUI Pages" (https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/7160)

    Should I be checking every single field on every page to see if each field is correctly marked as required (or not) or should I just random sample a few UI pages?

    Also I think underlining the field title isn't the best user experience - should I put my suggestion for improvement in the existing redmine ticket or is there a better place to do that?

  • I chose which fields should be marked "required" based on:

    1. It really is required and is empty on page load - so the user must do something; or
    2. It is required, the GUI provides a selection list or something of which some value "happens to be" or is chosen to be the default, but the user should normally think about choosing what they want.

    For some more "obscure" fields where there is a drop-down list and the default value is what 99% of people want, I did not mark it "required". That was sometimes a judgement call as to a field being an "advanced" setting. In those kind of cases we probably do not want to draw novice user attention to the field, because then they will feel he urge to change it.

    Feel free to give suggestions about changes to which are marked "required".

    The way "required" is rendered is now easily flexible by changes to the CSS, so if you have a suggestion for some other way to indicate it, please make the suggestion and it can be discussed.

  • Thanks Phil, I checked the html and I have a feeling the changes I'd recommend would need HTML changes rather than CSS as they ought to be field-side not label-side.  That could be a lot of work looking at the logs so I'll leave it for now and consider doing it for my first code submission… Don't hold your breath though!

    The main thing I wanted to check was if I should test all the pages you've changed or just some.  I'll go with all of them, that could take a while but I think it'll be worth it.

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