SquidGuard modify redirect URL for non-standard port

  • We currently run our pfSense on HTTPS using a non-standard port. When Squidguard blocks a page, I get a webpage 400 error. Switching pfSense to run on standard port 443 with HTTPS works as expected.

    I have found that SquidGuard tries to load the sgerror page http://IPADDRESS:PORT#….. instead of httpS://IPADDRESS:PORT#

    To attempt to resolve this, I have manually edited /usr/local/etc/squidGuard squidGuard.conf and squidGuard_usrdbrebuild.conf to state https instead of http. I have also manually edited /usr/local/etc/squid squidGuard.conf in the same way. Even after stopping, starting, and clicking the 'Apply' button it still attempts to load http in stead of https.

    Any suggestions to correct this?