PfSense virtualized drops connection

  • First of all sorry for my bad english, I hope can explain my problem clearly.

    I am having trouble with a PfSense (2.3.2-RELEASE) installed on VMware ESXi 6.0 with basic configurations NAT (default configuration), DHCP server, DNS resolver. There are about 20 devices (computer and smartphones) that access to the Internet by pfSense. I am using Intel 82571EB GibEthernet NIC, dual port.

    Initially everything worked fine however when there is many user/sessions connected,  the Pfsense drops connections about 1 to 3 minutes and then, without making any changes,  the pfSense restore its correct operation.


    • I have connected the LAN network directly to the ISP´s modem  with same numbers of users/devices and everything going fine.
    • I have replaced the pfSense with other appliance firewall with same numbers of users/devices and everything going fine.
    • When pfSense is being used  i am running a ping command to a site (for instance from my pc connected to LAN face of pfSense, and  there are lost packets at moment that the problem happens however at the same time i am running other ping command to the modem IP, there is no drops packets.  Could i discard a problem of NIC or VMWARE ESXi server with this behavior? Could it be a NAT problem?
    • Anyway I have changed NAT/FIREWALL  options from Advanced options but the problem remains.

    Do you have any ideas that may be happening?

    Thank you in advance.

  • What's in the logs at the timestamp the errors are happening?

  • Hello heper.
    I have looked on status/system log/gateway and there are messages like these:
    Feb 9 13:24:48 dpinger WANGW sendto error: 64

    The is the ISP's modem address.

    On the other hand, this logs are real-time? the last message has date Feb 9 13:24:48, however, if this error message is related with my trouble, should there be messages from today's date? the pfSense firewall is currently operating and failing at every moment.

    For the rest,  I have not found anything relevant in other logs options.

    Thank you.

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