Mtu failing for xbox live

  • alright guys i have just switched to pfsense from smoothwall and i have got most things going good apart from connecting to xbox live it keeps failing on the mtu which i have no went and set on the wan interface to 1364 as this is the min recommended size given by xbox and it is still failing im stuck now any help would be appriciated

  • I have just hooked up my xbox after being at a LAN this weekend and I also have the MTU problem. My MTU is set to 1492 on both of my adsl modems and also on the 2 WAN interfaces in Pfsense, I don't understand why it has stopped working as nothing has changed since it working at home last week  :'( ???

  • Found the problem, Xbox Live is down today as they roll out the new updated dashboard etc


    As we gear up to bring you the New Xbox Experience, Xbox LIVE and the Xbox LIVE page on will be down for 24 hours, beginning on September 29, 2008 from 12:01 AM PST until 11:59 PM PST. During this time you will not be able to access Xbox LIVE.

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