Unable to get Selective routing to OpenVPN(PIA) to work for single IP

  • Setup:
    WAN dhcp
    piaVPN dhcp

    openVPN(PIA) up and connected
    WAN connected

    NAT rules configured on all interfaces for PIAVPN and NAT set to Manual Outbound (AON)

    FW rules:
    Screenshots attached below for LAN, WLAN, DMZ, PIAVPN, OpenVPN

    Problem I have is that when I connect to the WLAN and go to 'whats my ip' I still get the PIA (VPN) IP, not the IP from my ISP.

    it looks like all outgoing requests are going out through the VPN and ignoring the WAN.

    What I am trying to get to is to route and DMZ to PIAvpn and to route everything else to WAN

    appreciate your help !

  • Presumably you get the default route pushed from the openVPN server.

    To prohibit this, go to the client settings an check "Don't pull routes".

  • amazing..such a simple fix! thank you so much!

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