Issues configuring pfsense 2.3.2 with NordVPN

  • Hi,
    I am trying to configure the new pfsense box to work with NordVPN following article here:
    with no avail.
    VPN connection looks like being established ok but nothing gets through for some reason.
    My network config is as follows:
    ISP->pfsense box[int]->WDR3600 router []–cat5-->PC []
    It's a fresh vanilla install by default except having and set as DNS as shown on the screens.
    Everything works fine.
    Then I applied the steps as listed in the article below along with a restart in the end.

    What happens is when I connect to VPN all IPv4 traffic apparently gets blocked as shown on the screens 10-13. I have very limited networking knowledge and out of my depth trying to troubleshoot it. However, I am pretty certain it's not a VPN issue as I have experienced similar symptoms with ExpressVPN as well and need assistance navigating through pfsense config.

    Your assistance would be of great help.

  • @TheIPdude:

    I experienced the same problem!

    How did you solve it?

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