Re: 2.3.3 Release Testing DNS

  • I m facing a problem.I upgraded from 2.3.2 just now to 2.3.3rc but in general settings tab i m not allowed to add my gateway as DNS server unlike before.My isp uses its gateway to provide dns service as well.Kindly enable that option like before.

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    Why would you want to assign a gateway to itself (or anything else on a local subnet)? Seems if that used to work it shouldn't have. pfSense will already have an interface/connected route in that case.

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    If that is your gateway it can't take a new route since that is directly connected. It would also be considered directly connected if it had some other route. In other words, you're trying to set a route when it can't be set – either it's already there or it's not necessary. So there is no bug there. Just set the gateway to "none" and it'll follow the system routing table and do the right thing.

    If that is your only gateway you don't need to set a gateway on any of the DNS entries anyhow. That's only useful for Multi-WAN when using DNS Resolver in forwarding mode or the DNS Forwarder

  • As a side-issue on that screen shot, do a ctrl-F5 (or whatever key-combination it is on your OS/browser) to force a reload of all the JavaScript and CSS. That will make the "*Hostname" "*Domain" go away and turn into Hostname Domain

    After an upgrade, everyone should do a browser refresh - because old JavaScript and CSS can get cached for a while in the browser.

    Jim has raised an issue to find a suitable way to make that happen automagically in future:

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