Additional user doesn't have the same access

  • Hello

    My OpenVPN server was setup via the wizard. It is using UDP 1194, has TLS auth enabled and is using for the tunnel network. I'm using client specific overrides to specify the IP address each user should receive and setup restrictions based off of that. I am using, and the other user is using

    The original user account I setup works fine and is able to access machines in the DMZ ( and LAN ( with no issue.

    The other user account, however, is unable to access either of those zones. Originally I thought it may have been a firewall rules issue, but I've made a generic allow all to rule this out and am at a bit of a loss.

    Open VPN Rules:

    DMZ Rules:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  • is in the same subnet as, it's the broadcast address for the first users subnet. … network ... server ... client ... broadcast

    You may give the second user the next /30 subnet, that's, so the client will get and the server

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