Multiple openvpn roadwarrior servers using the same tunnel network and dhcp serv

  • Good Afternoon,

    I have two openvpn road warrior server configuration using the same IPv4 Tunnel Network, it works fine but I was wondering if is there any way to share the DHCP server? For example, if one user connects to the first one, it works. but if a second user connects to the other server, the server give him the same ip address. So is there any option to "share" the dhcp server in order to avoid duplicated ip addresses, or do we need to have two different networks?

    Many thanks

  • Huh? You're saying that you have the same exact tunnel network set for both of the OpenVPN server instances? That configuration shouldn't work at all because you have the same IP address on multiple interfaces which is basically an IP address conflict on the pfSense side. Post more details, as now described you have a borked configuration.

  • Yes, I've set up two openvpn roadwarrior servers, one per wan interface with same configuration both but different TCP port, because we have two DSL lines, is there a better way to set up X openvpn roadwarrior servers listening to diferent DSL lines without create X different networks? I want to simplify the client override settings, because we are assigning an static ip to some users, and if we create X networks we also need to create X client overrides


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