Route one IP through vpn

  • Hi

    I have a fully functionnal network with 7 pfsense connected through OpenVPN. It's working very well !

    Site A : Datacenter
    OpenVPN server
    Don't roote all traffic through VPN

    Site B :
    OpenVPN client (Dynamic openvpn ip 10.0.210.X)
    VPN work well to contact Server on Datacenter from Site B
    Web access don't go though VPN but directly to Wan

    I want to route 1 flow  (an UDP voip stream from an IPBX on site B (  to go outsite network by routing across OpenVPN (Exit flow by Datacenter Wan IP)

    I try some setting :

    • (on Site B) Creating OPT1 interface with ovpn1
    • (on Site B) Creating Gateway on interface OPT1
    • (on Site B) Creating a firewall rule on LAN, to use OPT1 Gateway
    • (On Datacenter) Creating a firewall rule to (temporary) accept all flow from OpenVPN

    But i's not working.  I can see the data leaving Site B and enter on Datacenter pfsene, but nothing more.

    What must I do ?  (I think I miss a setting on site DATACENTER, maybe something with NAT (I see automatic NAT setting allowing data from Datacenter or Openvpn to exit pfsense , but no rules with Site network


  • It's working !

    I don't do anything more, just sleep a long night and it's working ! Amazing !

    Yesterday, my test don't work because i must drop existing tcp/udp flow before testing

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