PfSense - OpenVPN Connection to Radius Server

  • Hello,
    I have a OpenVPN server up and running using RADIUS as a back-end authentication.
    All my windows server both in the DMZ and in the internal LAN have a "End to End" Encryption between themselves as well as to the client machines. This way no matter what communication they do, it is an encrypted connection.

    How can I verify that the pfsense connection to the RADIUS server is encrypted ?
    I ask this because in order to get the OpenVPN to work their is a option I must select in the NPS section of windows server that says "Unencrypted authentication (PAP, SPAP)" if I uncheck this option then the connections will not work.

    Is their a way around this ?
    Is the connection from the pfsense to the RADIUS server encrypted ?

    Thank You

  • Slight Bump:

    Let me approach this from a different side.
    On my Windows Servers I have implemented End to End Encryption using IPSEC. All traffic between those servers are encrypted and secured.

    I guess to resolve this question I can implement IPSEC between the windows RADIUS server and the PFsense server. But is that possible ? On windows it is easy as heck but PFsense being a diff. platform and all.

    Anyone ever done that before ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    RADIUS is not encrypted. The protocol doesn't have any mechanism for it. You can use things like MSCHAPv2 to protect the actual passwords and credentials in transit though.

    But you have to handle the encryption between RADIUS server and client yourself (e.g. VPN)

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