Squid + Active Directory Authentication - Too SLOW

  • Hello all.

    I'm configure Squid Proxy Server in authentication with Active Directory Windows 2012 Server R2 using 2008 Server Role.

    When I open the navigated for the first time and make authentication, user and password accept sucessfully but first site navigation too very slow. After access first site others fast but i'm waiting five minutes to access first site.

    I'm reinstall squid and squidquard and has the same problem.

    I'm uninstall squidGuard and use only squid but has the same problem, but if i'm use SQUID without proxy authentication, access to fast.

    Yours can a help me please ?

    Best Regasrds

  • This reminds me of an issue where a Microsoft Windows machine will take an excessively long period of time to log into the network if not using the Domain Controller DNS…  Have you configured SQUID to use your DC DNS instead of using the firewall as the DNS?

    Glad you have it working so far, I have yet to actually get AD and SQUID to work together.

  • I'm use Active Directory DNS but the same problem.

    I'm verify if when access page, squid get authentication but after login and password, in access log page is DENIED but in BROWSER page load. After 3 minutes page open sucessfully.

    This fact ocurred only first authentication after 3 minutes all pages open fastely.

    I'm receive this error:

    23.02.2017 12:18:53 Starting new basicauthenticator helpers…
    23.02.2017 12:18:52 pinger: Initialising ICMP pinger ...
    23.02.2017 12:18:52 Service Name: squid
    23.02.2017 12:18:52 Starting Squid Cache version 3.5.19 for amd64-portbld-freebsd10.3...
    23.02.2017 12:15:04 Shutdown: Basic authentication.
    23.02.2017 12:15:04 Shutdown: Digest authentication.
    23.02.2017 12:15:04 Shutdown: Negotiate authentication.
    23.02.2017 12:15:04 Shutdown: NTLM authentication.
    23.02.2017 12:14:29 Starting new basicauthenticator helpers...

    After this all sites is openning.


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