[Help] OpenVPN TAP Issue

  • I and a friend have each been trying to configure OpenVPN VPNs for ourselves. Personally I want a TAP VPN so I can use Steam in-home Streaming. I have set everything up but when I connect to my VPN I cannot use it.  I get an IP on the proper network and gateway and all that (viewed through ipconfig in cmd) and I am able to do Steam Streaming but that is it. I cannot ping anything on that network, I cannot access my router's web page, I cannot access my shared drive.
    I have tried adding the push "route vpn_gateway" to the config but then my vpn no longer connects. I added the remote-gateway to the config and nothing changed except my internet seems a little slower. I am out of ideas I will try to attach every useful picture below.
    [OpenVPN Issue.zip](/public/imported_attachments/1/OpenVPN Issue.zip)

  • Did you setup the Bridge?

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