Captive portal and Popup blocker

  • Well i have seen it a few times listed on this forum, so i though i would give it a little dig myself. Im not that much of a coder, but learning the basics soo far  ;)

    looking at the way the index page is, theres not that much you can do to stop it from being being blocked, but what about stopping the user logging in to it untill that have added this site to the popup blocker exception list  :D

    i found some script on the internet that tests if there is a popup blocker on your computer and displays a message, so i have added a redirection to the list aswell to redirect to an information page with some instructions.

    you cannot get to the login page untill that have added that site to the exceptions list, its not a proper fix, but i cannot see any other way without recoding the index page, which i dont know enough about yet to even try :(

    i have been using a custom login page and added this to the body;

    you will need to creat a html page (popup.html) and add it to the file manager with some instructions.

    Hope this helps


  • The solution looks pretty good to me thanks for sharing.


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