Help with Squid cache and error "13 Permission denied"

  • I am trying to deploy squid at my work.  Hopefully it will save on multiple windows updates and users going to the same webpages (if they are not HTTPS).  I have installed the package and did not change any settings.  The issue I have is if I go to certian websites I will get an squid error page "Connection to (not real ip) failed System returned : (13) Permission Denied.  I have deleted the package, reinstalled it.  I have deleted the package and deleted the /var/squid directory and reinstalled it. But I get the same issue.  Is there anything else I can do.  I will list the settings below but I have not changed things.

    Enable squid proxy –- checked
    Proxy interfaces ----LAN
    proxy port ---3128
    Allow users to use interface ---- checked
    Transparent HTTP Proxy ---- checked
    Transparent proxy interfaces ---LAN
    Enable Access Logging --- checked
    Log store directory /var/squid/logs

    All defaults except Cache dynamic content ---checked

  • Have you found a solution to this?  I'm encountering the same issue with the same settings you've listed and I cannot find anything about it elsewhere…

  • Same issue here, but it appears to be intermittent. Anyone find a solution?

  • Help, I got same issue.
    After rebooting the machine, it works.
    Cant afford to keep restarting the machine, needing permanent fixed.

    Any advised?

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