VMware PCI Passthrough Chelsio t420

  • I shifted my physical pfsense machine to a VM and am having problems with passthrough of a Chelsio t420.
    I cannot get the device to show up as an assignable interface.
    I have ran the command pciconf -lv and can see that the device has been passed through successfully. In my mind, this rules out VMware as being the culprit. I checked to make sure that CXGB(4) and/or CXGBE(4) loaded by using the command kldload cxgb and kldload cxgbe. Both commands returned module already loaded or in kernel.
    I can confirm, through testing, that the card itself is functioning correctly and is not a hardware problem.
    At this point, I am not sure where to go from here really. I downloaded the freebsd driver for the chelsio t420, but I have no idea how to install it, nor if I need to. I was under the impression that this card was plug and play, but perhaps passing it through with VMware has changed that fact.
    Any help would be appreciated greatly.

  • Any resolve on this? I got the same issue

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