How to connect 2 hosts through a unique ip address?

  • Hi,

    I have a dedicated server with Proxmox installed on it with a unique ip address (151.XXX.40.XXX)

    I want to set up t my VM1 and VM2 to have access to the internet through this unique ip address a I can't get any additional ip addresses  for this dedicated server.

    I’m trying for a few days to set up all that but it has been unsuccessful.

    By default, my proxmox has a linux bridge vmbr0 with the ip 151.XXX.40.XXX.85, subnet mask: and gateway : 151.XXX.40.XXX.

    Apparently, I need 2 linux bridge connected to Pfsense( 1 for the Lan, 1 for the Wan).

    I created a new linux bridge vmbr1 with the lan address but from my VM1 or vm2, I can’t get access to the webConfigurator.

    I would like the ip address be assigned to the VM1 and the  assigned to the vm2 to ,both being connected to the internet.

    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me steps by steps what exactly I need to do and how I could link my public ip address 151.XXX.40.XXX to Pfsense in order to attribute a private ip address to my VM’s

    Thank you for your help.

  • I don't know Proxmox, but what you are saying is a fairly standard configuration.

    You need a minimum of 2 interfaces on both the host, and on the pfSense guest, WAN and LAN, like you write.

    The WAN will get the public IP, unless you have a router that gets the public IP, either via static assignment or dhcp.

    The LAN interface typically is a /24 subnet, so like you write the subnet mask will be All interfaces, the LAN, and the VM1_LAN and VM2_LAN will have an address in that subnet.

    You can then set the LAN IP of the pfSense as the gateway on the 2 boxes and everything should work fine (internet access).

    You should even earlier be able to access the pfSense box though from VM1 and VM2. What helps a lot with debugging is to access pfSense from the Proxmox host (I guess this feature would be available) and see that the interfaces are set up correctly as well as that you can ping other machines or out into the net. I always do that for the first configuration, before web access is working (how could it, with interface not being defined in pfSense).

    Also, with VMs and virtual switches, always be certain to get the interface mapping correct and don't mix up WAN and LAN.

    As for creating bridges, other virtualisation products handle that for you, I assume Proxmox would do the same, so you do not need to configure the host yourself.

  • I apologize for the time it took to post here, weeks have been very busy.

    Thank you very much for the help,I'm gonna try to apply what you posted and see how the things work!

    Thanks again.