Wireless + IGMP config with built-in AP

  • Hi All,

    I've recently purchased a APU2 box to run pfSense which has a built in wireless adapter. I've done some looking around but can't find anything for my particular scenario. Basically, I can't get multicast to work across the wireless adapter, configured as an AP. This is in an attempt to get DLNA working from the NAS on my LAN interface to my devices on the WIFI interface.

    Currently, I have a WAN, GREEN, LAN and WIFI interface. The LAN interface is set to a bridge of the GREEN and WIFI interfaces. Where GREEN uses a NIC which goes off to a switch to serve the rest of the local network. I have DHCP enabled for LAN so wireless devices receive an IP address from the same DHCP scope as physically connected devices on the local network thanks to the bridge. Wireless devices can connect to the internet and other devices on the physical LAN. So far so good…

    However, I'm noticing that multicast traffic like DLNA does not go across the WIFI interface which originates from the NAS box on LAN despite being on the same subnet. I have enabled IGMP proxy and set the LAN interface as upstream and WIFI interface as downstream, specifying the single subnet on both rules. I have also created a firewall rule to allow all traffic from LAN to WIFI and ticked 'Allow IP options' as well. Still no luck.

    Is there anything I'm obviously doing wrong here? I've not used the IGMP proxy before but feel like I'm close to getting this working. Chances are I'm doing something in the wrong order here.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Are you getting this error in log?

    MRT_DEL_MFC; Errno(49): Can't assign requested address 

    Because I'm not able to get IGMP working and seems igmpproxy is broken on many old threads

    also in https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/6099

    But I don't kwown if there's some news

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    0/ WiFi on pfSense/FreeBSD is generally a royal PITA.
    1/ Multicast is an absolutely horrible idea with WiFi.
    2/ The IGMP proxy is pretty much unusable anywhere except for 2.4
    3/ I don't see what's the use for the IGMP proxy when you've already bridged it.

  • Agreed. General consensus is that it's a PITA. OK so maybe the IGMP isn't needed after all. I am noticing though that lots of UDP ports are being blocked from WIFI > LAN and some on GREEN also. However if I go through the logs I can allow what's being blocked, creating easy rules and the traffic gets through. I have rules to allow all IPv4* traffic to other interfaces (copied and modified the default LAN rules) though so shouldn't this allow UDP by default to the other networks. Everything else gets through fine apart from UDP. Maybe I'm missing something here?

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    Did you set up the tunables so that you filter the bridge and not the individual interfaces?


  • No I haven't, thanks. I'll give it a try over the weekend.

  • All working fine now with the additional tweaks. Everything is behaving more like I'd expect now, without needing to mess with IGMP proxies.

    Thanks for the help.

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