My pfsense now saying 2.3.4 DEVELOPMENT is that normal?

  • My pfsense upgraded from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 DEVELOPMENT and now have stopped receiving updates.

    Is that Normal?

  • That is the default behavior. The RELENG_2_3 development branch has 2.3.* versions. 2.3.3 has been branched off separately ready for an official release. RELENG_2_3 is now called 2.3.4-DEVELOPMENT. So your system will have updated on that RELENG_2_3 branch.

    At the moment, all the code in 2.3.4-DEVELOPMENT is the same as what is expected for the 2.3.3-RELEASE. Regular builds of RELENG_2_3 are not happening because there are no changes. So that is why you are not getting any updates the last few days.

    I expect that after 2.3.3 is officially released, you should be able to "upgrade" to the latest stable release, which will be 2.3.3, and because the code is the same there will be no problem with "downgrade" of the config. But I am not exactly sure how that will happen for real (something might see that you ae on 2.3.4 and 2.3.3 is earlier and complain???)

  • thanks for your reply. I will wait and see then. For now i went to update and switch to stable.