I have a router that connects through PPPoE throgh VDSL interface.

  • Hi All,
    I have a router that connects through PPPoE through VDSL interface.
    I installed a pfsense in another computer in the lan and made its gateway
    I installed it very well and connects the wan to the internet and the LAN to the wan port…
    And I can connect to it through my computer ( I mean connecting to the pfsense gateway ).
    In addition I make my computer LAN IP and its gateway
    Every thing is very well I can access the PfSense gateway. But I don't know how to configure the VDSL router so I can access the internet.
    Please anyone, if you can help me how to configure the VDSL PPPoE so I can access the internet.
    Thanks a lot.
    I appreciate your help.


  • I could be way off here as I'm using pope but it's not DSL.

    Go to Interfaces select assign
    setup VLAN
    Parent WAN Interface
    VLAN Tag - get this from your ISP

    setup PPP
    Link Type PPPoE
    Link Interface Select VLAN you created
    Username and Password is your DSL account
    I had to check Enable Dial-On-Demand
    Idle Timeout 0

    Go to Interface Assignments under Interfaces Assign
    WAN - SElect your PPOE
    LAN - should be the port for your local computer

    Try that and good luck

  • You shouldn't need any VLAN Tagging of the Sort. Depending on whether you have a provided Box such as the ones we can get in the UK,.

    Its a White BT Fibre Box that allows PPPOE In via the LAN.

    Username for most ISPs in England can use:

    User: Btinternet@btinternet.com
    Pass: 1234

    Unless otherwise stated, you can use ISP Provided PPPOE Logins with the same result. as PFSense can use PPPOE to Connect as im currently using that as we speak.

    Hope this helped.

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